Waterfalls / Ithaca Area

Ithaca Area

The city of Ithaca has many waterfalls easily visible from either roads or short, easy trails.

Buttermilk Glen

Buttermilk Glen Fall 1
Buttermilk Glen Fall 2
Buttermilk Glen Fall 3
Buttermilk Glen Fall 4
Upper Buttermilk Falls
Lower Buttermilk Falls

Cascadilla Gorge

Cascadilla Falls 1
Cascadilla Falls 2
Cascadilla Falls 3
Cascadilla Falls 4
Cascadilla Falls 5
Cascadilla Falls 6
Cascadilla Falls 7

Enfield Glen

Enfield Falls 1
Enfield Falls 2
Enfield Falls 3
Lucifer Falls

Fall Creek Gorge

Fall Creek Falls 1
Fall Creek Falls 2
Fall Creek Falls 3
Fall Creek Falls 4
Ithaca Falls
Taughannock Falls